Why montessori

”The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.„
Maria Montessori

Why montessori

Why do we integrate  the elements of pedagogy by Dr. Montessori into the teaching at Funny Kids Academy? Montessori method emphasizes the uniqueness of each child. It is based on the observation of young children and identifying their needs directly from them. Children using appropriate actively develop and improve their basic skills,, What they are the main focus of attention, Hand eye coordination and patience.

The main exercises that we use during the teaching children (up to 3years) are:
• Exercises of practical life
• Sensory exercises
• Exercise for language development
• Exercise for the coordination and muscle development
• Exercise for the coordination eye – hand
• Arts  and creativity

  • Extra excercises for kids from 3 years old: Maths, geography, language +(writing, alphabet skills..) , history, and sensory exercises +(pink tower, brown stairs, red rods,…)

Materials and toys are systematically stacked on shelves that are easily accessible to children. It is up to them where they wish to work – with a mat on the floor or on a tray at the table. Using a mat, tray or table is the foundation of almost everything a child will learn in Montessori. The space that the mat, tray, or table occupies is sacred space. It physically delineates their own private domain and it is where they will place their materials to do their work. No other person can interrupt their work unless the child wishes to interact with you.

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