What We Teach

  • Toddlers (up to 3 years old) are given the time and opportunity to engage in purposeful work to explore language, music, movement, art, practical life and fine/gross motor activities that meet their individual developmental needs.
  • They practice skills such as buttoning, tying and zipping, preparing meals, and caring for the environment and themselves (including toilet training, drinking using a glass).
  • They develop their attention span, coordination, feelings of security and independence
  • They participate in individual and group games, world music, story time, and art
  • They spend time outside each day (weather permitting)
  • The toddler environment is prepared for the awesome work of creating the self, feeling one’s own edges, and finding one’s own core
  • Language development: first words,  composing sentences, vocabulary which is expanding by using flash cards, interactive posters and DVD fairy tales, reading  books, singing the songs, playing  games
  • Matching colours,  discrimination objects, shapes
  • Extra excercises for kids 3+ years old: Maths, geography, language +(writing, alphabet skills..) , history, and sensory exercises +(pink tower, brown stairs, red rods,…)

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