About us

Dear parents, Welcome to the Funny Kids Academy. Enroll your child in an environment that builds independence, confidence and a sense of community in your Toddler. We recommend to book the place at least 6 months in advance.


  • Private bilingual Funny Kids Academy nursery was founded in January 2010
  • We have been gained a lot of experiences for 9 years our responsible work and we participated in the preparation of many of our graduates – future  preschoolers
  • We are the member of the Slovak Association of Montessori and the first member of Cambridge schools in Slovakia
  • We are the only one educational institution of this kind in Region of Trenčín
  • Parents value our individual and professional approach
  • We believe and love montessori method of teaching kids. The Montessori Method incorporates a profound respect for the child and a deep appreciation that childhood is a time of construction of an individual being. The Montessori child learns not what to think but how to think.
  • We offer prepared environment and trained Montessori teachers-guides for the children.
  • Prepared environment means materials and guidance that will help kids to discover the world in which they live, become engaged, self motivated kids, and acquire the skills needed to become healthy, active citizens in their community
  • In addition, we provide activities in art, music, and movement and offer many opportunities for socialization.
  • We welcome children of different nationalities

Feel free to come visit us!