The Funny Kids Academy offers an  education to children between the ages of 15months to 4 years of age. Applications are accepted throughout the school year. Class observation and an interview with the Director are recommended prior to applications. 

To reserve your child’s spot on our waiting list, we require a non-refundable 100,-€ registration fee. Tuition Includes: (The monthly program fee includes the following for every child attending the program)

  1. Slovak-English educational Program or educational Program in English language
  2. nappies
  3. nappy cremes
  4. wipes,
  5. bedding,
  6. toothpaste and toothbrush,
  7. breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack (half-day preschool not included), fruits and vegetable,
  8. beverages (water, fresh juice, tea, 9/birthday party and present,
  9. birthday DVD from the 1st B-Day party

Note: breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided by The Funny Kids Academy, daily. Our lunch provider is a setting certified by the Regional Office of Public Health in  Bojnice and meets the highest hygienic and health standards.

Tuition fee is payed monthly one month in advance an monthly fees for meals are payed monthly for the current month:

  1. If you prefer to pay cash at Funny Kids Academy . please do not pay later than up to the 5th day of the month
  2. If you prefer payement through bank transfer please use the following details:
    • Bank account number /IBAN code: SK5402000000002690090857 
Account holder: Funny Kids Academy. Please, do not pay later than up to the 5th day of the month.
Late Pick Up Fee: If you are going to be late, we appreciate receiving a phone call as soon as you are aware of the situation. Late child care fees begin at 12.05 a.m. (half day care) or 5.05 p.m.(full day care) at a rate of 5€ per child per 30 minutes and are added to the monthly tuition.

Discounts: siblings: 2nd child 5%, 3rd child and more 10%.  10% for payment for 6 months in advance.

A child´s absence: The cost of food for every day´s absence is deducted the following month (if a child´s absence is announced by 7.15 am). If a child is withdrawn from the nursery , parents must inform the director in writing. Two months´notice shall expire on the last day of the calendar month following the month a child is withdrawn in writing and a letter of withdrawal is delivered to the director. Tuition fee during the notice period must be paid in full (Coll.) according to the schedule of charges even if the child does not attend the nursery.

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